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meet Beth (and the family)

My English 101 professor used to say "you must learn to be your own best critic." At the time, I was just an 18 year old trying to make it to all my classes and not get too homesick. But his words still follow me over a decade later with each blog post.

While wedding planning, I stumbled upon the world of bridal blogs (this was before the days of Pinterest), and I spent entirely too much time finding just the right centerpiece inspiration for our reception and daydreaming of how the "big day" would come together. Once we were married, I felt I had all kinds of time on my hands since I was no longer spending all my time planning a party for 100+ of our closest family and friends. 

I was in my late twenties and among the first of my friends to get married. As I looked around, my real life friends seemed to fall into two categories of which I was either no longer or not yet a part; they were single or new moms. I thought back to those bridal blogs and searched for newly wed blogs. Even though I experienced it before, I found it was easy to get lost in the blog world. And what surprised me, was how easy it was to leave a comment or send an email and get a response! I was making new friends all around the world who were in the same stage of life as me.

I never really thought of myself a writer, but three months after I got married, I dove into the blog world with my own. It took a while to find my voice, but I am now part of a wonderful community. Many of my blog friends are not in the same stage of life, just as in real life.

A closer look: I am new to the stay at home mom thing with an infant and almost three year old. I worked full-time until February 2016 and now I'm "staying home for a season," which I'm unsure of when that will end. We recently relocated from Massachusetts to rural Colorado after renovating a 90 year old house. My husband now pastors a congregational church on the eastern plains of Colorado. When I'm not toddler wrangling, you're likely to find me reading (a new found love), planning our next road trip to explore the western US, or writing.


  1. Hey so I stumbled upon your blog through Beth at only love remains (we met last month because we were button neighbors on Today's Letters and now we button swap). I just read this about post and noticed that you guys live in the Boston area (maybe even the North Shore?) and your hubs goes to Gordon Conwell? What a small world! (we have tons of friends who are currently students there through our church)

  2. Hi! I just found your blog through the Coast to Coast map! I'm relatively new to the Boston area (9 months), the mister and I live in Canton, just south of the city. Looking forward to following your adventures and getting to know you more!

  3. New follower here! I just came across your blog and completely fell in love and found myself reading a bunch of your older posts! Excited to be here!

  4. First time visiting and I love your spot :)
    And yes, Milton is adorable.

  5. I keep hearing about "Parenthood". Ill have to check to see if its on Netflix!


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