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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Our Summer Road Trip

Two weeks ago, we had the opportunity to travel to Southern California for a conference with our church. We chose to drive, so we could see more of the western US. None of us had ever driven from Colorado to California so it was sure to be an adventure.

Highlights of the trip included:

  • Driving across Utah. I really had no idea just how beautiful and varied the landscape would be. I am already trying to figure out when we can go back!
  • Seeing friends we knew in our dating/early married life. Two couples we shared a lot of time with in Boston were on the visit list and catching up in person, introducing them to our kids was pure joy.
  • The Grand Canyon. Need I say more?
  • Visiting my second cousin and her family and dinner with my great aunt and uncle.
  • Taking the kids to the ocean and just hearing the waves crash along the beach.
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice. I'm talking made just a few minutes ago, fresh. I may have had it in a restaurant once or twice, but when you can watch it made in my cousin's kitchen, it is just so good (and I don't even drink OJ on the regular).
All in all, it was a grand adventure. Sure we camped in the pouring rain, but saw the Grand Canyon the next morning!  

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  1. So glad you could travel our great country. We took several cross country trips and they were highlights of my life. So glad you could visit CA. Fresh oj and lemonade made the stuff we have in the east so different.


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