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Monday, July 25, 2016

Maggie says (part 3)...

When I told Maggie she's a city girl turned country girl, she laughed and asked what kind of girl I am. I told her I was more of a suburban girl and she laughed calling me a "bourbon girl."

"I think I need some oil," referring to essential oils when her tummy was upset.

While showing me a picture of Snow White she drew I asked her if she looked at her Snow White figurine. Closing her eyes, she said "no, I just remembered she has a yellow and blue dress."

"Can I giggle him?" when asking if she can make her brother laugh too.

We pulled up outside of a McDonald's that was attached to a gas station and when I said the name, she asked "is it like Old MacDonald?"

Referring to a movie, "The Fox and the Town"

"That was some serious thunder" upon hearing a loud thunder clap.