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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Small Town Living: Library Edition

Two weeks ago I started reading Party Girl (it's not what you might think, the main character is an event planner hence the party part). I shared this story briefly on Instagram, but I think it's worth repeating here because it is such a great illustration of things I am learning to LOVE about small town life.

There is so much I appreciate about this new season of slowing down lately. We have fewer commitments in some ways and the pace of life is different.

I have been following Rachel Hollis online for about six months and have been wanting to read her non-fiction books, so a few weeks ago while I was at the town library with the kids I decided to stop and look for a book for me after we picked out some kids books. I knew they wouldn't have the books (it's a rather small library), so I asked at the desk if they could order it from another library.

A week later I got a phone call telling me my book was in. When I went to pick it up, the librarian remarked, "it looks like a fun read. Would you believe no library in the state had it?"

At that point, I was holding the book in my hand so I wondered aloud where it came from. "Oh, I ordered the whole series on Amazon," and she held up the other two books, Sweet Girl and Smart Girl.

I thanked her and was a little embarrassed. I was not expecting her to BUY the books for me, but I am hopeful someone else in town (or maybe the whole state) will enjoy them! I finished Party Girl in a week and truly enjoyed it (this is my PSA for a fun summer read...and if you're local, then you know where to find them)!

This is not to say I don't miss the city most days, but as the days and weeks pass, I am discovering things to love about small town life!

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  1. I read Party Girl earlier this year! It's a fun little read. Hope you enjoy!


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