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Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunday Afternoons

Sunday afternoons are becoming my favorite time of the week. Sometimes my dad is in town for the day and we get to catch up while the kids nap. Other weeks it's just me the baby hanging out. Sometimes I take a nap or I brew myself a cup of coffee and write (or read).

Since moving to the country two months ago, things have been slower in general but Sunday afternoons are consistently the slowest time in our week and I love it. When  I was working, I dreaded Sunday afternoons because I usually ended up doing all the things I had put off or couldn't get done on Saturday.

I have been intentional about not cleaning on Sunday afternoons (another habit I got into when I was working). I don't allow myself to stress over dishes that pile up or toys that get dispersed everywhere. I need a day of being home and not worrying about getting things in order with two little ones.

But in this new season of life, I look forward to a time in my week to truly rest and I appreciate that rest looks different from week to week.

On Sunday afternoons, I breathe a sigh of relief. We've made it through another week.

Another week in church where I held my breath hoping my daughter wouldn't say or do something utterly embarrassing (for me or her). Lately, she just loves to push the limits and try to sing in church (when no one else is singing) or this past weekend she decided to sit with another family following the children's sermon. The whole sitting through the church service is fairly new to her; our last church had a toddler room where she spent the service playing with other kids her age.

On Sunday afternoons, a clean slate awaits us. I look forward to Monday, a day we usually spend together as a family.

What's your favorite time of the week?

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  1. I am so happy you can rest on sunday. I also do not clean but sit with Mom and visit Dad. It is a day of rest and reflections on what God has done for us.When I was small we would sit together as a family. We could us pencil and paper but had to be quiet. Enjoy this time.


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