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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May goals

Looking back at April, I was able to make progress on each of my goals in some way. I can't say they're 100% complete, but I did feel motivated throughout the month to work on them and that is the reason I set monthly goals.

1- Make healthy lunches. For the most part, Maggie ate lunches with a fruit/veggie and protein and/or carbs. It wasn't perfect, but she is a pretty good eater so I will say she ate most days and didn't fight me. 

2- Introduce some pre-school activities into our weekdays. We didn't have a routine about it, and probably only did a planned activity a handful of times, but it's exciting to me that Maggie now asks for "projects," meaning we get out the craft supplies. I'm still looking to Pinterest for most of my inspiration. 

3- Unpack my clothes and finish setting up our bedroom. Brandon hung my necklace/earring organizer so I could unpack my jewelry. That's the only thing hanging on the wall, so it's not done but we made some progress. 

4- Mail out those birth announcements. DONE! They were all mailed and (so far) only one has come back.

5- Watch the sun set. I have not yet seen a full sunset, but I do have plans to go to a friend's house who lives outside of town and has a beautiful view. I am so looking forward to seeing the sun set from their place.

As for May, I'm going to continue to keep it simple.

1- Go on a date to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. It seems terrible, I have to set this goal, but I want to make sure we actually do something for our anniversary because we have slacked on this in the past. 

2- Walk a minimum of three times per week (at least 30 minutes). I recently got a double stroller and the weather is getting warmer, so I really have no excuse not to walk. We went for a walk last week; Maggie loved it and Bodie slept, which was great. I need to incorporate more exercise into my day-to-day routine so this is my starting point. 

3- Go to the zoo. I am excited to take Maggie (and Bodie) on their first trip to the zoo. I think M is at the perfect age to begin to appreciate the animals and be entertained by them. 

4- Keep up with my online Bible study. I am participating in a summer Bible study with some of the younger women in our church and it kicked off May 1st. We only meet in person once a month, so I want to keep up with the study and not find myself cramming or playing catch up.

5- Get my desk setup in the office. There's a smaller desk in our home office and it's currently piled with books, boxes and a bunch of mail that needs to be sorted. I'd really like to use this space, so I need to get it organized and functional. 

Do you have any goals for the month?


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