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Friday, May 13, 2016

Bodie: 3 months

He's already one quarter of a year old! We love how much more animated he is becoming. His coos and raspberries are so sweet. Bodie loves to get our attention by making noises.

What you might not be able to tell from the photos: Bodie likes to coo and watch his big sister. He recently discovered his thumb (not surprising since Maggie is a thumb sucker). He continues to be a very easy-going baby.

Bodie's likes:
  • Smiling and cooing
  • His thumb
  • The crib mobile
  • Smacking his lips/tongue

Bodie's dislikes:
  • Being hungry
  • Maggie's hair on his face (which often happens when she leans in close to him)
  • The sun in his face

One thing I want to remember about the past month of Bodie's life is that he continues to be adaptable and generally very happy. His smiles melt me and I seem to be a frequent recipient of them!

A look back: 1 month // 2 months


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