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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Trip to the Zoo

Earlier this week, we had the chance to go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It was such a special thing to do as a family. I have been going to this zoo since I was five years old, but it was so fun to experience it through my two and half year old daughter's eyes for the first time.

I realize she's probably too young to truly appreciate the zoo. But I do think she enjoyed what she saw. She was very anxious to "see the next animal" throughout the trip and had a hard time being present with the animal(s) we were currently looking at. That's just life with a two year old, right?

Some of my favorite highlights of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo are:
  • The giraffes. They have well over one dozen giraffes and and built this great platform that gets you closer to them. You can feed them and look some of them in the eye. It has come a long way since I remember feeding them over the fence 20+ years ago!
  • Rocky Mountain Wild. I love that you can see so many animals in their "natural habitat" of the Rockies. The moose is my favorite, but they also have mountain lions, bears and bald eagles (and more).
  • Wallabies. This was the most surprising part of the visit to my husband and I. They had wallabies just walking hopping around in one area. They were so friendly and we even had the chance to pet one. 

We didn't get to see everything and we plan to go back soon. With a toddler and infant, I think experiencing the zoo in smaller periods of time will be most beneficial for us. 

Do you have any tips for zoo trips?


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