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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Maggie says (part 2)...

One afternoon, Maggie came downstairs with a pair of my shoes. She walked around the living room with my shoes on for a while. About an hour later I could only find one shoe and asked her where the other one was. Maggie's reply: "it's on the stairs like Cinderelly's."

Whenever her brother makes some noise she has one of two responses:
"I think he's saying hi" or "I think he's giggling."

"I'm not a guy, I'm a person."

The flight attendant greeted her with "Good morning, sunshine" and she quickly replied, "I'm not sunshine, I'm a kid."

When asked if she had seen a receipt I was looking for she shrugged and said "maybe it flew away."

While passing a pickup truck pulling a trailer on the highway, she said "Daddy, those trucks are stuck together. Isn't that silly?" Then started laughing.

When I asked her why she was repeating me, Maggie said "I pete you, mama."


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