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Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Finds: April edition

Happy Friday! Thank you for your support and reading my last post about HOW we ended up in Colorado.

I barely read books anymore (but every now and then fit in an audiobook). Lately, I find myself reading articles which I usually find via Twitter or Facebook or TheSkimm. I bookmark them or use Facebook's handy save option, but I don't usually share them so I want to start some of my favorite reads monthly around here.

I can't wait to make this bird feeder with Maggie.

One of my favorite books, Surprised by Motherhood (I listened the audio version), is on sale for Kindle through the end of the month.

Agreed: this life stage is hard, but I wouldn't change a thing.

Snapchat isn't useless, in fact it encourages storytelling.

Sometimes it can be a struggle to buy local, but this is a great reminder of its importance.

I've been trying to incorporate more natural remedies from into our life and have been using hydrogen peroxide to get stains out (works great on baby poop).

Children are not colorblind.

I'll admit it, there are some emojis I've been using incorrectly.

There seem to be so many drawbacks to the age of technology we live in and this is what scares me the most: the end of empathy (adult language warning).

Now that we live out west, I need to tackle some of the things on The Great American Bucket List in this part of the country.

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