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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bodie: 2 months

What a month it's been! We moved across the country, so it's gone by even more quickly than most.

Bodie is growing and changing so quickly. He still has his blue eyes, but has lost some hair. He loves tummy time (the opposite of his sister) and Maggie loves to lay beside him while he's on his mat. She also loves to bring him toys.

A few things you might be able to tell from the photos: Bodie loves smiling and cooing. In the last week especially, he has really started to smile in response to voices and faces. He's also been babbling a bit too and we love it.

Some firsts in the past month included: meeting his maternal Grandpa for the first time, flying on an airplane (from Boston to Denver), going to his first movie (also his sister's first movie in a theater) and finally sleeping in his own crib overnight.

Bodie's likes:
  • tummy time
  • Maggie's attention (unless she's poking him)
  • being talked to (by his mama, daddy or Maggie)
  • staring at the hanging monkeys on his bouncy seat
Bodie's dislikes:
  • being startled
  • being in his carseat for too long
Bodie is undecided about (sometimes he seems to like it and other times he does not):
  • baths
  • being in the Ergo
  • music

One thing I want to remember from the past month was just how adaptable he was. No doubt, I will forget the cross country move with two kids, but Bodie was especially easy-going about changing time zones and great on our 4+ hour flight. I couldn't have asked for a better baby; the kid was a champ.

A look back: 1 month old


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