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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thoughts on my Winter Pregnancy

Disclaimer: I wrote most of this post before Bodie arrived, but I am quite thankful to not be pregnant in winter anymore. 

To be honest, I've struggled with being pregnant in winter. In general, I tried not to compare this pregnancy to my first one with Maggie (for several reasons). But as the end of pregnancy drew closer, I found myself longing for the ease of wearing flip flops and maxi dresses as I did in June and July 2013.

The things I believe are challenges of a winter pregnancy:

1- Wearing so many layers! Living in the Northeast doesn't help. Although we've had a relatively "mild" winter thus far, I still had to wear layers and a winter coat. There has been just enough snow around to warrant wearing snow boots. I do have to say H and M's MAMA line is rather cute and for the price, there is nothing to complain with the Parka I bought from them (similar).

1b- Getting dressed the last month of pregnancy can be a challenge and the additional challenge of wearing so many layers is not my favorite. I had two pairs of work appropriate pants that fit me comfortably in the last month or so (and I'm not counting my fleece-lined leggings). I was able to get away with wearing jeans to work on Fridays (yay). But I had about 4 outfits to rotate/mix and match.

2- Footwear and the elements. Aside from what I wear, there was the challenge of walking on snowy and often icy/partially icy sidewalks. My walking route from the car to my office took me through the science and math academic building even though it's longer because walking inside means I won't have to contend with as much snow and ice. My favorite shoes were my Merrell Jungle Mocs. I've had them for nearly ten years and they are far from trendy, but they have a reliable tread and they're easy to get off/on. Getting boots on/off was a struggle...and so were socks!

The things I believe are benefits of a winter pregnancy:

1- A husband who clears the snow off the car for me. On more than one occasion, my husband cleared the snow off my car and even warmed it up some mornings before I left for work. I don't take for granted that he looks out for me. Thanks, hon!

2- It's a good excuse for consuming A LOT of hot beverages. I should have counted how many cups of hot chocolate I drank from December 1st until I had the baby. In early January, I got serious about drinking raspberry leaf tea (in preparation for labor) and I drank at least one, but often 2-3 cups per day.

3- Hibernating after baby arrives. I am a home body and have enjoyed staying at home most of the time. We've gone out only a few times, but I'm grateful to not have to go out much. I also think staying home has kept us fairly healthy. On the other hand, I am looking forward to taking walks as it warms up into spring.

What did I miss? Tell me what you loved/hated about the time of year you were pregnant. Maybe it's just that the end of pregnancy is uncomfortable no matter what?


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