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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Maggie says (part 1)...

Our girl is quite the talker. Some days, it cracks me up and others I wonder if she'll ever stop talking to take a breath. She gets impatient when her dad and I have a conversation, interrupting to tell us what ever she thinks is most pressing. Sometimes it's about Mickey Mouse or her baby(doll).

"You can't play with me, Mommy. I'm not a toy."

Maggie: "Let's talk about Jonah"
Daddy: "Okay, what do you know about Jonah?"
Maggie: "He was swallowed by a big fish. The fish was blue."

While staring at her hand "Prolly need to send a text," using one hand as the phone and the other with which to type.

I laid out two pairs of pajamas for her and asked "Maggie, would you like to wear the red pajamas or the pink pajamas?"
Maggie responded: "Those are my options?"

"This seltzer is kinda seltz-y."

A Sunday morning prayer:
"Thank you for mommy and daddy and grandpa. Thank you for breakfast, for chocolate and sprinkles and donuts."


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