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Thursday, January 7, 2016

January Goals

Writing goals for a month-long period was one of the things I missed the most while not blogging. Looking back, I can see how setting those monthly goals on my blog made me accountable and allowed me to consider what I could accomplish in a limited period of time. As I get back into a blogging rhythm, I intend to set monthly goals once again.

My January goals are mostly driven by what February will bring (the arrival of Baby G #2). There's nothing like a new baby on the horizon to get me thinking about what I need to get done to be "ready."

1- Blog two to three times per week. Honestly, I'm feeling a bit rusty at the whole writing thing, but I know practice will help. I'm hopeful that writing two to three times per week, will give me a chance to get back into the routine without feeling overwhelmed.

2- Get the nursery ready. We have moved bedrooms around and we need to put some semblance of a nursery back together for the kiddo on the way. I made a few strides last month, by consolidating most of the baby clothes and baby gear into that space. This week, I've been doing baby laundry to get his clothes ready. I am so thankful for generous friends who have given us tons of baby boy clothes!

3- Get to bed by 10pm. I am usually pretty good at this, but I got in a bad habit of staying up too late last month.

4- Rest. This seems obvious, with less than six weeks until my due date, but I do have a toddler so I need to be intentional about resting. My husband was quite helpful at encouraging naps while I was on vacation for 2.5 weeks around Christmas and I hope that continues on the weekends. Also, I got an adult coloring book for Christmas and it's pretty relaxing to color a page (as long as my daughter isn't around). So the goal is more napping and coloring!

5- Keep up with First 5. I discovered the app through an Instagram ad, which seems odd but I love it. It's a Bible study from Proverbs 31 Ministries that looks at one chapter of the Bible per day. I love that it's concise enough I can read/digest it for about 30 minutes before my daughter gets up, but also has some video content sprinkled throughout.

Do you have goals for the month or new year? If so, leave them in the comments or tweet me. I'd love to know your goals.


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