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Friday, January 1, 2016

A quick look back at 2015

Just stopping by to say 'Happy New Year' and wish you the best for 2016! It's been too long since I wrote and I cannot attempt to catch up on the months I've missed, but I'll give you a few highlights (all of which I've shared via Instagram so they won't be news if you follow me there):
  • We are expecting our second child next month (woah, that sounds close) and it's a BOY!
  • Maggie is now nearly 2.5 (as of next week) and amazes us with her questions and vocabulary. She thinks she's ready to be a big sister, but I'm pretty sure has no idea what it really means.
  • December was filled with travel for two weddings -one in North Carolina and the other in Colorado.
  • The house projects are nearly complete...can't believe April will mark five years since we bought this place.
According to Instagram, my highlights of 2015 were (based on the most like photos of the year):
1- announcing baby's arrival 2- a bump photo at 20 weeks 3- Maggie telling us baby's sex in a sweet video 4- a trip to Cape Cod 5- snow 6- more snow (who could forget last winter in New England?) 7- making Christmas cookies with Maggie 8-a 17 week pregnancy bump photo 9- Maggie eating corn on the cob

What's funny is that I've been terrible about taking "bump photos" this pregnancy, so the little guy is going to enter the world in true second born fashion, already getting the short end of things! I do hope to make it up to him, but I'll happily own my shortcomings.

To be honest, I don't anticipate too regular of a blogging return. Perhaps once I'm on maternity leave, I'll be able to get into a bit of a rhythm with writing again...but the other part of me thinks I'm crazy to even let that idea cross my mind. Our life is about to turn upside down with the addition of a second child, right?

Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by!


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