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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

5 Things that Make Me Happy

I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant, which means I need to get myself really ready for the little guy's arrival. As we prepare for the "home stretch" before he arrives, I am doing my best to be intentional about taking a few moments here and there to appreciate the things that make me happy. I am trying to savor the sanity of having a two and half year old who can entertain herself in spurts, while I sneak in a few minutes to look at a magazine or peruse Pinterest.

These are the things I find myself stealing time to enjoy lately.

1- Listening to podcasts. Of course, I'm listening to Season two of Serial, but my favorite podcast is The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. I was have been so encouraged by several episodes, but my favorites featured Debbie Eaton, Jamie Nato and Korie Robertson.

2- A hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. Warm drinks in winter are my favorite.

3- Finding a gently used clothes online (because I rarely have time to get to the store and peruse for the god stuff). ThredUp is my favorite and if you sign up with this code, you'll start off with $10 credit!

4- Spending time with Maggie. I especially enjoyed a long weekend at home with my girl. She is great at pretending lately and says the funniest things. We melted crayons recently to make crayon discs and she was just tickled by it. We've also bent the rules a bit for more screen time than usual and enjoyed a movie here and there.

5- Clean clothes. I know there will be a day when I despise doing laundry, but it isn't here yet. I get so much satisfaction out of a fresh pile of clean clothes or sheets or towels. I suspect this might be the nesting phase kicking in, but I am telling you clean clothes make me so happy lately.

What is making you happy this winter?

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