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Monday, January 26, 2015

She loves the snow

On Saturday morning, I was elated to wake up to snow. I had been waiting all winter (December and January) for a real snowfall. I looked out the window to see the street covered with snow. We usually get snow earlier in the winter and I was so anxious so we could introduce Maggie to snow. I knew she would love it!

We took her outside Saturday morning and she just giggled with glee as she walked around the front yard a bit. 

We're now ready for the historic snow storm that started earlier today. Sidenote: how can they call a storm "historic" before it happens?

I'm pretty sure Maggie will be amazed at all the snow we wake up to in the morning!


  1. what's absolutely insane is that yesterday and Sunday, while a nor'easter blew in by you-- it was 63 degrees in Seattle! and sunny! it felt like spring. it was crazy. now it's still like 57--- it's bananas.

  2. It's so funny how we were just chatting about how much we needed snow last week, and now we're getting dumped on! It looks like Maggie had a ton of fun playing in the snow! :)



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