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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Maggie: 11 months

It's only one more month until Maggie's first birthday. I can hardly believe it. The last year has gone by incredibly fast, yet I have treasured so many milestones.

I love these photos because I feel like they sum up the last month quite well. It's all a blur! Maggie's moving faster each day (or so it seems) and getting a clear photo of her is more challenging. I love looking back at photos and seeing her hands/feet in motion.

She is still very animated, even though she took a hiatus from waving in the last month. I think she just wanted to show us she would not always wave or clap on command. Thankfully, her wave has returned (because it's just so cute) and she seems to understand more of waving as a greeting when we come or go.

Some highlights of the last month include:
  • Crawling! It is full speed ahead as she moves faster each day.
  • She is also kneeling a good bit and looking like she'll get on her feet at any moment. 
  • Her first taste of ice cream. I got a vanilla milkshake on Mother's Day and gave her a few sips. She loved kid!
  • Spending more time outside (playing on a blanket in the yard and going for walks).
  • Being silly! Her sense of humor shines through with funny faces and cackles.

  • Emptying the contents of any bag or bin- my purse, her diaper bag, her toy basket, etc.
  • Eating. She's always loved to eat, but her appetite is healthier than ever.
  • Trying to skip her afternoon nap. Maggie's rarely successful, but she tries.
  • Sitting on the grass. She's still getting used to it and often holds her leg or foot off the ground a bit while on the grass.
We can't help but look forward to celebrating her first birthday! 

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