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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Buying secondhand from home (ThredUp review)

For years, I've loved the thrill of the hunt when it comes to clothes shopping. I seem to get my mind set on finding a certain clothing item or accessory and will search stores high and low for it.

I also love perusing online merchants "just to see what they have." Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) we don't have a budget that allows for me to spend much on clothing lately, so I've been looking for places to buy high quality, gently used clothing.

I recently discovered a new way to shop used clothing. What could be better than a thrift store shopping and looking for an item on your wish list? How about perusing an ONLINE second hand store? ThredUp is an amazing alternative for buying clothes in gently worn or like new condition.

About a month ago, I made my first purchase from ThredUp. I had heard about the company months early when I ordered a free clean out bag to send in filled with some of my own clothes in to be sold.

Honestly, I loved everything about the shopping experience!
  • The website is easy to navigate and has a great iPhone app. 
  • Items stayed in my shopping cart for longer than I expected. I shopped in the evening and waited to check out the next day.
  • I can earn store credit by telling others about their company (and will do so if you sign up and make a purchase using any of the links in this post).
  • The clothes arrived within a week and were beautifully wrapped in tissue paper.
So here's a look at what I bought! I decided shopping for Maggie's Easter dress was as good an excuse as any to try ThredUp for the first time. I ended up buying two dresses because I couldn't decide which one I liked better. I also found an adorable baby girl's bathing suit. 

As I mentioned earlier, the package arrived within a week (which I thought was great since it was traveling from San Francisco to Boston). Each item had a cute tag on it (see photo below for detail), was folded neatly and wrapped in tissue paper.

It was seriously a great experience and I encourage anyone who is looking for a specific clothing item to check out ThredUp before you head out to the mall (or wherever you usually shop). Prices are reasonable and so is shipping ($2.99 for first item and 99 cents for each additional item).

Next time I am looking for a name brand clothing item for myself, I will will certainly check out ThredUp to see if they have the kind of thing I'm looking for. Between the easy to use app and great prices, I was quite happy!

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