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Monday, May 12, 2014

Maggie: 10 months

Double months! How did this happen? She is growing up so quickly. As each piece of her personality emerges, we are more and more enamored with her. From her giggles to nonstop chatter, she loves to make noise and entertain us.

I'm fairly certain Maggie is an extrovert. She loves to smile and wave. Her wave has been called regal, princess like and ready for a pageant. It seems controlled as her wrist rotates delicately back and forth.

I'm fairly certain Maggie is the happiest kid. Nearly every time she wakes up she is all smiles (with the exception of when she's had a runny nose). Whenever she hears music, she claps.

Maggie has also learned how to feed the dog! After she's been eating for a bit, she'll hold out some food to the side of her chair. Inevitably, Milton comes along and snatches it. Sometimes she laughs or waves her arms with excitement. It's both cute (because she's figured it out) and annoying (because we don't want to create a bad habit). We're working on teaching her 'no,' but also cautious about how much we use it.

Some highlights of the last month include:
  • Maggie took her first ride in a swing (see photo above). It was more because I wanted to get a photo (or two), but she seemed to enjoy it. 
  • Her first time crawling. She hasn't mastered crawling, but does well scooting to where she wants to be.
  • She's started to try to feed the dog intentionally. It's so cute, but we don't want to encourage it. What's even more cute is that she offers her food to us and smiles so big when we accept. 
  • Maggie has developed a love for her cup. It isn't a sippy cup, but has a straw and she just loves it.
  • She also started sitting up in her crib on her own. It's been nice to walk in and see her entertaining herself

Even before she started crawling, she was surprisingly mobile, scooting from one part of the room to another. Sometimes it would go undetected and you'd wonder "how did you get over there so fast?" As you can see from the photos above, she is content just about anywhere.

  • Playing independently and playing with anything that's not a toy
  • Feeding herself
  • Her sunglasses; she usually just holds them
  • Grabbing her dad's glasses, a phone or set of keys. It's become a game for me to keep the car keys out of sight when we're going somewhere.

  • The sun in her eyes
  • Having toys (or anything she's interested in) taken away from her
It is so fun to watch Maggie discover new things.

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