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Monday, May 19, 2014

A reason to blog

More than three years ago, I started writing here. After getting married I went through what I call wedding planning withdrawal; I had become so accustomed to reading wedding blogs regularly (this was before the days of Pinterest) I looked for other blogs to follow. I decided I wanted my own place to share inspiration and write about life as a newlywed after reading other blogs for several months.

Over the years, this place has morphed and grown with me. I shared home improvement projects and recipes, as well documented my first pregnancy and first months of my daughter's life. I wrote about losing my mom when I was in college and the impact its had on my life as a young woman and now mother.

I used to regularly connect with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs and converse via Twitter. Several months ago, I noticed I was seeing fewer comments and tweets. Initially, I thought it was because I had a baby and I was less engaged myself.

I found myself less inclined to read blogs or scroll through Twitter when I had a few minutes of downtime. It seemed easier to scroll through the photos on my Instagram feed and leave a comment/like to connect with my online friends. Around the same time, I noticed other bloggers talk about getting fewer comments and how their traffic had shifted to Instagram.

As much as I love Instagram, I still enjoy the process of writing so I'll be sticking around. My posts may not be as frequent as they once were (pre-motherhood). Writing allows me to express myself more fully than posting photos and I love the way this space has documented our life over time.

Even if the comments aren't rolling in all the time or my page views aren't what they used to be, I am so glad I've stuck with blogging through my early days of motherhood. I know I'll look back on the things I wrote in this place over the years and be so grateful for the words and photos that have been shared.

Are you a blogger turned Instagrammer?


  1. Instagram is just so compelling. I love it, but I still try to focus on my blog, too. I love to write. I have only been blogging for a year, so I guess maybe the decline of the blog and shift to Instagram has been part of the reason my blog isn't picking up as much. But, I'll keep on keeping on just like you!

  2. i think this is normal for every blogger as you mentioned. i think that people are still reading but it's easier to comment via ig-- we are all lazy. :/ but i think writing is so good for the soul + the connections we can still find in online community-- whether it's via instagram or blogs-- are still valuable. :)

    1. Speaking of lazy, I am just now replying to your comment from three days ago!

  3. I was telling someone the other day the same thing you just said about Instagram. It's an easier way to fit stuff in with the busyness of life while still keeping in touch without committing to a good chunk of time in front of the computer in spare time. I used to comment on blogs a lot more, too, but a desire to be away from a computer when I'm not being paid to and a desire to not spend twice as long formulating a comment on my phone that doesn't always go through has made me a failure at commenting. That and things like Bloglovin... I don't even know what most blogs look like outside of the app anymore.

  4. I have the same thing happening with my blog, but I'm like you, blogging is worth it in the end.


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