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Thursday, April 17, 2014

word of the year (update)

Earlier in the year, I declared "thrive" to be my word of the year. I have a confession to make: my life feels like about the farthest thing from thriving lately. I have told more than one friend recently I'm keeping my head above water. Between work and home life, I feel exhausted.

While I'm not here to play the 'busy card' and list off all the things I do, I have to be honest and recognize that I feel overcommitted. Not only is it the busiest time of year in for me at work, but I am wrapping up my current job and preparing to transition to a new role in just a few weeks. I'm excited for the new opportunity.

In order to thrive through this season that often feels overwhelming, I'm focusing on what's just ahead and taking each day as it comes. Spring is here and finally starting to bloom in our yard.

I'm excited for the weekend ahead for a number of reasons. Alone they may not seem like thriving, but they'll allow me some downtime, family time and day off from work.

First of all, I don't have any plans for a 24 hour period and that seems perfect. I will probably watch a movie or The Mindy Project once I put the baby to bed (the mister will be working). The next day I will spend time with Maggie (the mister has class) and perhaps we'll go to a park.

Second, it's Easter weekend and one of the last of Maggie's first holidays. I love celebrating our Savior's resurrection and being reminded of the HOPE we have because of his death not the cross.

Finally, it is a three day weekend because of Marathon Monday or Patriot's Day, as we know it in the Boston area. Last week marked the one year anniversary of the marathon bombings. Despite last year's tragedy, it is sure to be an exciting day in and around Boston.

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  1. it's bad that i don't even remember my word of the year... probably not a good sign, huh?

    I pray that you can step back from commitments and truly take time for yourself.


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