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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March goals

Winter seems to be really dragging on this year. I've almost always been someone who loves to bundle up, wear scarves and boots, but this year I'm so over it and ready for spring. Maybe it has something to do with being tired of bundling up my baby each time we have to go somewhere (she does not like getting bundled)?!

This year, I'm making monthly goals. And with only two months in, I feel like it's been a bit harder than an planned. BUT I'm pressing on! I'm not gonna let the first two drab, cold and snow-filled months deter me from setting goals.

My February goals were:
  1. Plan our dinners for the week ahead each weekend. Yes, I did this one!
  2. Take a photo of Maggie in the snow.  Even though we had more snow, I was never able to get her dressed up and outside to capture a snowy background. It rained a few times on top of the snow, ruining it's prettiness and other times it was just too cold to be fussing with taking photos.
  3. Create (and order) a photo book of 2013 images. I don't think I even logged into the website I started the project on...seriously, I lacked motivation!
  4. I am going to keep reading. I've been working my way through Jesus Feminist and Bread and Wine. I might have read ONE chapter between both books in February. Yikes!

Realizing I don't have a very good track record this year, I'm considering the type of goals for the month ahead and how I can make them happen, so I don't feel defeated by unmet goals. 

My March goals are:
  1. Introduce Maggie to two of her great grandparents (and some other relatives). 
  2. Continue meal planning on a weekly basis. Knowing our dinner options has been a huge help to the rhythm of our weeks; I don't always assign meals to an evening ahead of time, but it's helpful to even know specific options.
  3. Start a St. Patrick's Day tradition (I've been looking forward to doing something fun for St Patty's Day once we have a child).
  4. Send a bag of clothes into ThredUp (they sell excellent condition name brand clothing). I signed up for an account in January, but have not filled my bag and returned it. 
Do you have any goals for the month ahead?

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  1. I hear ya on being afraid to go out. The baby I nanny often is not a fan of getting into her stroller. She's good once we are going but if I stop the stroller for any reason, she sometimes goes nuts. Yikes! Still worth it though because I love getting out of the apartment - just have to get through the initial tears. :)

  2. I like the idea of starting a St. Patty's tradition, I've never been too creative on that holiday.


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