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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Goad Abode mornings (project)

In January, I was inspired by Elise's project to document her mornings and for the month of February I did just that via Instagram. I too love mornings and I loved how the habit of taking a photo at the start of the day showed me they're not all the same. Since we had Maggie, mornings seem to take a little different shape and start a bit earlier (ahem), but I still love them.

Last month, I posted one picture using #goadabodemornings to track them in IG. I loved thinking about how I could capture my morning with a single photo. Many of my mornings consisted of documenting coffee and/or breakfast, while others show a(other) snowy day or Maggie doing something adorable.

A lot of mornings can be routine. Maggie wakes anywhere between 5am and 6:30am. We don't always get her right away and thankfully she's been pretty content to squeal in her crib for a while and I usually doze for a bit.

Two or three weekdays she stays home with her dad and those are our "sleep in" mornings because I don't have to be out the door until 7:30am. On days I take her to childcare, we need to leave by 6:45am (those are the mornings I have my coffee in a tumbler while I drive).

I was surprised that I didn't often forget to take a photo. There were only two days I got to work and realized I hadn't taken a photo yet. Looking back, I appreciate seeing how often I got to drink my coffee from a real mug rather than a travel mug/tumbler. Since I've gone back to work, the three of us end up in the kitchen together for a bit and it's probably my favorite part of our day. Maggie is just so happy and talkative in the morning!

What's your favorite thing about your mornings?

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  1. This is such a great idea; I love all your coffee mug and scene variations. Not to mention, Maggie is precious!


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