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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

word of the year: thrive

For the past three months, I feel like I've been in survival mode, going from one thing to the next. I can't seem to make plans more than a day in advance. Whether it's meal planning, sticking to an exercise regimen or any other daily/weekly routine, I have been struggling. Survival mode wears me down; it's exhausting (for me) to not have an established routine day to day.

When I started to consider my word of the year for 2014, I thought about the past three years (give, ready, grace), but I also thought about what I didn't want the year ahead to look like. What one word could spur me say goodbye to survival mode and allow me to get out of the rut? I don't want to simply survive, going from one happening to the next. I want to thrive.

What will it look like to thrive this year? I' not talking about wearing the latest clothing styles or turning out blog posts about finished renovation projects. It has more to do with health and sanity than it does with money or things. Thriving this year means the things I say 'yes' to will be done well. It isn't about adding anymore to my plate, but considering what I'm already doing and how I'm making it happen.

More practically, what will thriving look like... a mom who works outside the home?
I will learn to balance being away from Maggie five days/week. Thankfully, she has great child care, so I have real peace of mind there. I will do my best to leave my work at work, so when I'm with her I can be free from distractions and not checking my email from my phone. I know it will take some extra effort, but it's possible for me to impose a few more rules on myself (at home and in the office) in order to set helpful boundaries. our home?
Things won't always be picked up and tidy and there will be lots of unfinished laundry. Instead of beating myself up for the clutter that accumulates and undone dishes, I will clean when I can, but not at the cost of time with Maggie. Dishes will get done after she's in bed. There will be evenings when dinner doesn't even get started until she's down for the night (at 7pm) because spending time with my daughter is the priority and my growling belly can handle it.

...on the weekends?
I plan to spend most of my time with my family and also make time for rest and exercise. The majority of weekly planning will also occur on weekends since that's when I usually have the most energy for it. I've learned having a plan for the week with my husband's changing work schedule helps me focus on what can be done because I know when I'll have an evening at home or what we're eating for dinner. I want to make a weekly meal plan, but not be so rigid, there's no room for changes as life happens. a Christ-follower?
Spending time reading God's word and praying. I've been working my way through Search the Scriptures recently. I also want to listen to more podcasts/sermons (if you have suggestions, feel free to tweet me or leave a comment below). I love volunteering at church and need to get back into the nursery rotation.

...on the blog?
Probably fewer posts. I've already been spending less time consistently writing. My hope is that the writing will be more intentional since I am posting less often, but I will feel more freedom to post when I can and not as if unwritten blog posts are looming over my head.

Did you choose a word of the year for 2014? If so, I'd love to hear about it so leave a link in the comments section below.


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