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Friday, January 10, 2014

weekend links

Even the best laid plans sometimes fall through. I have blog post ideas coming out the wazoo and hardly any time to them. I even have a pile of unedited photos!

Yet, here I am publishing a post with none of my own images. I'm simply stopping by in the midst of a chaotic week to tell you I've been encouraged in beautiful ways lately (many via Pinterest). I want to share some of those inspirations in case you're like me and 2014 is taking you by storm (either literally or figuratively)! Blame it on the polar vortex?!

My friend, Nicole, published a new ebook this week, Meeting Motherhood. It's for new moms, offering real glimpses into her journey as a mother.

We celebrated Maggie's half birthday this week and I had dreams of making half a cake like Elise did. Beautiful!

Instead of beating myself up over not making a lovely half cake (that we don't need to eat), I'm going to do my best to...

This is a few weeks old, but who had time the Saturday before Christmas to stay up late and watch TV. Not this mama. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Thank you Justin and Jimmy for bringing the laughs to SNL!

My lips could really use this lip exfoliator and I just might have make time to make my own this weekend. After all, I already have ALL of the ingredients on hand!

I did try a few new-to-me recipes this week that were successful: chicken lo mein and sweet potato chili.

I'm craving soups, stews and all things hot to consume. Yet, this post about tea made me reconsider each time I've reached for a cup of hot tea. Everything in moderation, right?


  1. Thanks for all the links! I esp. found the tea one interesting + enlightening :)

  2. ahh the tea article! i drink yogi tea ALL the time. it's my favorite and i always stock up when it's on sale. but i wonder if i just take it out of the bag, if it will be OK because it's all organic/natural ingredients...


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