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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rest (+ a Christmas photo dump)

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration. We enjoyed our first vacation as a family of three, spending over a week in my hometown of Colorado Springs.

It was a welcome chance to get away and really rest. There were naps to be had, leisurely baking, and perusing Pinterest (luxuries our busy life doesn't always afford me). Just getting some distance from the normal routine of life refreshes me. Being one who frequently overcommits, I so appreciate the west; the pace is always slower than our daily routine on the east coast.

I was also intentional about not scheduling much. We took a few day trips and spent quality time with family and friends. Maggie enjoyed her first Christmas and soaked up all the extra attention from her grandpa and uncle. And I'm so grateful to my husband who so faithfully photographs our adventures.

Happy New Year! I'm excited for what lies ahead in 2014 and will be sharing more of my hopes for the new year in the coming weeks. Until then, I'm soaking up a bit more rest and filling up on the snuggles of our sweet girl before returning to our routine next week!

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  1. nice photos! you look so pretty! and Maggie is so STiNKiNG cute! Happy New Year!


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