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Friday, January 24, 2014

recipe recap (1)

On Sunday, I shared the photo below via Instragram of our meal plan for the week ahead. Planning meals is one thing that helps me feel immensely settled and ready for the week. I try to not be too rigid, but choose about 5 meals and leave room for changes as the week happens. I know several bloggers who share their week meal plan on Monday, but I haven't seen anyone talk about how it went. Since most of my recipes are from online sources, I thought it might be fun to share our meals with some recommendations and thoughts on how they turned out. Who isn't looking for a new great recipe to add to their repertoire?

Here's how the week actually played out...

Sunday -out // we met friends to watch the AFC Championship

Monday -cauliflower crust pizza // a tried and true favorite. My husband is diabetic, so we love that the crust is low(er)-carb.

Tuesday -BBQ pulled pork (made from pork chops in the crock pot) // a new-to-us recipe I found pleasantly surprising. The mister actually assembled it all in the crock pot, but we both loved it.

Wednesday -deconstructed enchilada soup (crock pot) // it was a snow day for me and this seemed like the perfect meal to throw in the crock pot mid-day. I used boneless chicken thighs and it turned out great, even making enough for 2 lunches the next day!

Thursday -veggie laksa // another family favorite. It's the perfect combo of easy-to-prepare and full of  flavor!

Friday -on my own (pasta/veggies/pesto) // when the mister is at work, I try to keep meals as simple as possible

Saturday -roasted butternut squash + red onion pasta // another favorite I've relied on for years. Even though it got pushed aside earlier in the week, I've been looking forward to it.

We spent about $50 for the week's worth of groceries, going to two different stores. Most of our produce comes from a local market and the rest from a grocery chain. Things like coconut milk, eggs and the pork were already in our pantry and freezer.

Do you meal plan in advance?


  1. Thanks for sharing your meal plan! I'm always looking for new crockpot recipes!

  2. I seriously need to up my game with meal planning. It easily becomes the things that falls to the wayside when everything else gets busy. Ps, can you make me dinner! That meal plan looks wonderful, Beth :)

  3. Oh yes. I have to meal plan every detail for two weeks at a time. Everything from snacks, breakfast, lunches, and dinner. We have a very tight budget for our family of five, so planning ahead is essential. Thanks for sharing yours! I'm always curious how others plan and save money for meals, and I enjoy finding new recipes. ;)


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