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Monday, January 13, 2014

Maggie: 6 months

This is one observant kid! Maggie is six months old (as of last week) and she studies the world around her. If she hears a sound, she tries to figure out where it came from. The other morning her dad got her up and was changing her, while I walked by the room and he said "mommy's coming." She stared at the doorway watching for me.

A few things you may not be able to tell from the photos: She also became more aware of her surroundings while sleeping, being woken up by sounds. I guess the days of her sleeping soundly are gone. A tow truck backing into the neighbor's driveway ended her nap last week.

Perhaps the biggest milestone of this month was learning to sit on her own. I wish I could remember when exactly it happened, but it was sometime before Christmas. And in the time I was off from work for 10 days with her, she really loved sitting on her own (can't you tell?)

At Christmas, Maggie took her first airplane ride when we flew to Colorado. She was such a champ about it, doing well with the ascent and decent. And thankfully, she didn't seem to have a hard time with the altitude.

Recent nicknames:
Maggaroni, Maggeriffic, Mellow Maggie, No Blinks (she rarely blinks)

Maggie's likes:
  • Making a fake cough (a 2 week phase)
  • Grabbing her feet/toes
  • Making a smacking sound with her lips (mimics chewing)
  • Listening to music

Maggie's dislikes:
  • Having her feet covered (she often pulls off her socks)
  • Having her hands/arms restricted (i.e. mittens)

The past six months have been such a treat. While they have been some of the most challenging, they have also been just precious. We are so blessed to watch this little one grow and discover new things, and I have a feeling the best is yet to come!


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