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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The sweetest valley (part 2)

Life has been moving along faster than I can keep up most days and I haven't taken the time to pause and reflect on this new world of motherhood much. In some ways, I think that makes life easier; the just keep going mentality certainly works in a lot of situations for me, so why should motherhood be different? However, I also want to stop and smell the roses (so to speak) because life moves fast and there are some many things I don't want to forget about this season.

When Maggie was just a few weeks old, I reflected on this new season, calling it the sweetest valley. As much of a "good baby" (doesn't fuss a lot, is easy to calm down) as she often is, we've also had our share of tough moments. These moments make me feel I'm still in the valley; the terrain feels rocky and I can't see far ahead. I have to remind myself the valley is where life is lived.

Even though Pinterest tempts me to think life is about mountain top moments with beautiful views and an immaculate home (note the pile of clean diaper inserts just having out on the floor behind my girl), I know life is more about digging in and embracing each moment be it ordinary or even seemingly insignificant.

My baby is nearly five months old and a lot has changed in our lives in those months. I've learned what works to calm her one day may not the next time around. Her growth spurts have been tough on the whole family. I haven't had the answers and I've probably been too tough on myself. But the bottom line is that Maggie is growing, actually thriving is the word our pediatrician used.

I don't share this to brag or pat myself on the back. I simply need the reminder that even though sleep deprivation is more familiar than I knew it could be and dirty diaper has a whole new meaning as a new parent, we are not just getting by, as I often think.

I've returned to work full-time and my husband has a full plate with work and classes, but we're making time for family outings and have even been on a few date nights. So there are days we venture out of the valley. I love those times we get a glimpse of Maggie's personality and my mind wonders to what we'll be doing a year from now or three.

If you're expecting or a new parent, be encouraged that even though parenting is a tough gig it is also beautiful. And if you have children who are older, what do you miss the most about infancy?

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  1. What do I miss most...the portability! Haha! It is MUCH easier to pack up a little infant and get up and go than it is with a toddler or preschooler. :) She is so sweet. Glad you are savoring these moments.

  2. Oh boy, I can relate. Going back to work was the hardest for me. Levi was going through a growth spurt just as I was pumping more, and I was stressed for weeks about supply. I've gotten into a good rhythm with some strategies that seemed to work for me if you're looking for ideas. Hang in there.

  3. "I have to remind myself the valley is where life is lived."

    I am going to remind myself of this too... :) thanks for that good word.

  4. Awww! She's adorable!

    xx Courtney


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