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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cling to Jesus

I usually try to keep this blog light and fun. And from time to time, I share the weightier matters of life. But lately I am not sure what to write. My heart is full and so is my brain. We've had our share of "curve balls" thrown at us lately. Life doesn't go "as planned" ...whatever that means. When I stop and think about those plans and what I was expecting, I realize most of them fall into the "first world problems" category.

No matter how disappointed I may feel about things not working out, I still have a healthy family, a warm home and a good job. And to top it off, I have so many things, from too many clothes (despite efforts to purge my closet numerous times over the past year) to a kitchen full of gadgets to a warm vehicle at the start of what seems to be a rough winter. Keeping that in mind, I cannot even begin to complain about the seemingly hard things.

Recently, a friend asked me how things are going and I told her it was a loaded question then proceeded to rattle off a series of apparent setbacks. She was so gracious to listen and gentle to respond, "sometimes you just need to cling to Jesus." Touché.

Christmas is one week away. Where is my heart? What am I spending my energy on? I want to be clinging to Jesus. To come and worship the newborn King. To be in wonder of how God sent his only Son to earth in the form of a newborn. A newborn is something I have a new view of this Christmas, having had my first in July.

I am in awe. I've been entrusted with a new life. It is the biggest responsibility I've ever had. I may not be making the time to blog as regularly as I once was, but I am soaking up each and every moment, every squeal, every diaper blowout and even the sleepless hours. And all the while, I want to be clinging to Jesus, depending on His strength when I go to work after a night of three hour's sleep.

A thoughtful friend gave me a set of three onesies with a verse on each. I love her wisdom. It's a reminder that even the "small things" matter (Zechariah 4:10); even changing diapers should be a reason to rejoice.

What are you clinging to when things don't go as planned?

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  1. this season has been very hard for us too-- just some family stuff and stress and i am trying my very best to cling to jesus too. praying that you feel his presence today, friend.


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