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Friday, November 1, 2013

November: The List

A few highlights from October:
  • Finishing my first 10k in two years 
  • Spending time outside (walking the dog, jogging or just enjoying the beautiful changing leaves)
  • Putting Maggie in a pumpkin
  • Putting some finishing touches on the nursery 
  • Attending game 2 of the World Series at Fenway Park
  • Maggie's baptism

My personal goals for November:
  • Plan meals for the week ahead (since returning to work, I have really been slacking on this)
  • Finish a few projects I've started for Maggie
  • Be more organized around the house. I have made some strides to purge things from my closet and I'd really like to maintain order better.
  • Start crocheting again.

A few blog posts + pins I've loved lately:

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  1. Hi Beth, I love your blog. As a very very new blogger, filled out your linky form and didn't understand what the title meant. So I put the wrong thing (the list: 1st Friday) instead of "My Phase Three." Also I would like to add your button but can't seem to be able to copy your grab a button. Boy, I sound like a real loser. On the bottom of the learning curve right now. Anyway your 1st Friday, is a great idea. And will get started right now creating my post. Thanks Debby

  2. You ran a 10k and you just had a baby?! Dang that is impressive!


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