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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Maggie: 4 months

Maggie continues to grow and change with each day. Sometimes when I look back on photos from when she was born, I wonder how it can be the same baby. Her little face has changed so much in the past four months.

Lately, she seems to smile a bit less and study a bit more. She loves to look out the window she's in the car. She knows our voices and quickly looks around when she hears either mommy or daddy speak.

Maggie still seems to be trying to figure out our dog, Milton. She watches him and lets him sniff her, but she doesn't like being woken up by his barking (and I can't blame her).

We had our biggest transition to date this month, when I returned to work. Thankfully, Maggie has handled it like a champ. I know it helps that she gets to stay in her environment daily (rather than going to someone else's house or daycare), but she seems to be taking it in stride.

We've had a few tough moments (she's been overtired or teething), but we've pressed on. She loves her crib and sleeps best there. Maggie also loves her monkey lovey (not pictured). Chewing on the arms of stuffed animals is her favorite.

Maggie's likes:
  • sucking her thumb
  • chewing on teethers
  • watching/studying people
  • kicking her legs/feet

Maggie's dislikes:
  • being cold or hot
  • getting out of the bathtub
  • being startled 

One thing I want to remember about Maggie's fourth month is her cheerful disposition. Although she's always been a happy baby, she seems especially content lately. She loves being held up in the air. If you start laughing, she'll join right in. Who knew playing airplane could be so fun?!


  1. Maggie is quite the fashionista! I love all of her outfits. She is SO cute and sweet. And your very gifted at your blog. It is very classy-cool, Beth! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. she is adorable!!! and i'm so glad she's doing well :)

  3. She is so cute! I love her in that dress.


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