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Friday, October 11, 2013

Maggie: 3 months

Our little girl is already one quarter of a year old! I can hardly believe how quickly she's growing and changing. Maggie gets more animated and talkative with each day. We love to watch her discover new things, whether it's a noise she makes or someone she can watch.

A few things you may not be able to tell from photos: She is so easy going. I am often amazed how adaptable she can be. Maggie is also a pretty content baby. When she is upset, it's almost always because she's either hungry or tired. More recently, she has been making some deep grunting-type sounds when she wants something.

This past month we hit our stride with getting out the door. We enjoyed going more places and taking a few day trips about an hour away. As long as there is food, she is happy. She doesn't always sleep in the car, but loves looking at her feet when she's in her carseat.

Maggie's likes:
  • Playing with her hands
  • Her swing
  • Watching ceiling fans
  • Kicking
  • Cooing and gurgling
Maggie's dislikes:
  • Loud noises (like a motorcycle going by)
  • Being startled 
  • Being hungry

One thing I want to remember from Maggie's third month is her intent look (shown above). She often stares are people and things, as if she's trying to figure them out. She also noticed our dog, Milton, this month. Maggie tolerates him and doesn't cry when he gets in her face (even though we tell him not to lick her; he's still learning). I think they're destined to become best buddies.


  1. I can't believe she's already 3 months! She's such a cutie...yay for content and happy babies as long as they get their food!

  2. I always had a grumpy face as a kid. People thought I was angry all the time. Now as an adult, I still make the same face and people always ask me what is wrong. I look at them confused and can't figure out what they are talking about.

  3. oh i bet her and milton will be best friends!

    also, i dislike being hungry and loud noises as well. Maggie and I have that in common. ;)

  4. What a sweet girl! I think all babies are fascinated with ceiling fans...makes you wonder if you really need a mobile if you have a ceiling fan!


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