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Friday, September 6, 2013

The List: September

Some highlights from August include:
  • Our transition to cloth diapers went more smoothly than I expected.
  • Learning the calendar can't run my life for this season
  • Continuing to work on Maggie's nursery. It isn't done, so I'm holding off on posting pictures for another few weeks.

My personal goals for September:
  • Hang a clothesline in the backyard. I keep reading the sun is the best natural remedy for stains like spit up and soiled diapers so I really need to get on this.
  • Log 30 miles of jogging. I put on my running shoes for the first time since Maggie was born earlier this week (which means I didn't meet August's goal).
  • Take Maggie on her first hike.
  • Create the habit of packing tasty meals for my husband (as his crazy class schedule starts next week).
  • Control the clutter (see inspiration below). With all the baby things around the house it takes extra work for our home to feel orderly.

A few blog posts + pins worth mentioning:

It's your turn to share your list! On the first Friday of the month Erika and I share our favorite things from the past month and what we're looking forward to in the new month. It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be long, it can just be what the link-up is: a list.

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  1. I waffle back and's a fine balance with the toys. I love the articles you linked. I do toy purges sometimes, but then I also remember, this is a short season! Yes, there may be more clutter, but these years go soooooo fast. Believe me, I can't believe how fast they go. You have to find a balance that works for your family. :)

  2. I love that picture with Maggie and Milton! Adorable!

    And I hope running continues to go well for you (there will be rough days) but eventually it'll get easier!


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