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Sunday, September 15, 2013

baby + new mom essentials (the early months)

Everyone tells you how fast time goes with your new baby, but I didn't believe it until I lived it. Maggie is going to be 10 weeks old on Tuesday. What?! My days are numbered before I return to work. It's all going by so fast.

I got a lot of great advice on what I must have for Baby and I've tried a number of things. These are the baby items I've LOVED using and would recommend. I'd probably also tell you about them if I met you in real life (even if you're not a mom or pregnant). I mean they make my life easier and I use them (or I used them daily when she was younger).

1- Gro Via cloth diapers are my favorite. We didn't start cloth diaper until she was about five weeks old. I love the snap-in liner; you can reuse the shell until it's soiled. We have been cloth diapering for over a month and this brand is the one I like best. Also, they haven't stained yet, which I'm pretty excited about.

2 - The Fisher Price diaper bag backpack is awesome! I love that it frees my hands so I can easily juggle her carseat and whatever else I may need to carry. There are plenty of compartments to stay organized and I'm always surprised how much I can fit inside (it also comes n black and brown).

3 - Gerber flatfold cloth diapers are so useful! I don't use them as cloth diapersm, but as burp cloths. They're big enough to cover my whole shoulder (not just a part of it), and I often end up using them for other things.

4 - I must say aden + anais muslin blankets are by far the best swaddle blankets. We tried some other brands, but these were used like crazy the first month we had Maggie. I now keep one in the diaper bag for nursing or covering up Maggie when she's in her carseat and I'm afraid she'll get chilled. They're the perfect weight and I always seem to find a new use for them.

5 - I hadn't even heard of this breastfeeding pillow before our baby was born, but one of the lactation consultants recommended it when I was still in the hospital. My Breast Friend pillow makes nursing (especially in the early days) so much easier. The pillow portion is quite firm, plus there's a portion that fits snug against your back to provide extra support. There is even a pocket, where you can put your phone or anything else you find helpful while breastfeeding.

6 - I love the ERGObaby carrier and infant insert. This is another one I hadn't heard of before we had our baby. I tried a few other baby carriers, but this one is by far my favorite. It doesn't hurt my back, offers great support for her with the infant insert and it also protects her from the sun. I know we'll use it for years to come because it converts to be carried on our back. I can't wait to take Maggie hiking in it.

7 - A few weeks after Maggie was born, I asked a friend to use Oh Sweet Joy's tutorial and sew a carseat cover. It has been so useful, blocking the sun and keeping some light rain off of her. I also love using it when she's asleep OR I don't want strangers poking at her (why do complete strangers feel the need to touch your baby?). Also, I get so many compliments on it :)

What baby + new mom essentials do you love? Do you have any recommendations for the 3-6 month phase?

((note: affiliate links used for Amazon, but all opinions are my own)).

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