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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Three Rules for Easy Postpartum Style

I've been a mom for six weeks. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this fact, but not really. I mean there's a life I am responsible for.

All this focus on the baby leaves little time for me to be concerned about what I'm wearing. I've realized my clothing needs to fit a few criteria:
  • it's comfortable
  • it isn't a pain to nurse in
  • it wears well (simple to wash)

For me, that translates into wearing fewer articles of clothing more often. When we're home, I opt for yoga pants and a nursing tank. Lately, when we go out or are expecting visitors I typically wear a maxi skirt or shorts and a tank top or button front shirt.

The maxi skirt and tank/nursing top
Comfort is the name of the game. In the weeks after having a baby, the last thing I wanted was a waistband digging into me. So while wearing a maxi skirt keeps me comfy, it also allows for looking pulled together enough for church, lunch downtown or a doctor's appointment.

tank: Old Navy // baby wrap: Moby // skirt: Target // flip flops: Yellow Box

The button front shirt and shorts
I probably wear this three outfit days per week. I have 2 button front shirts and 3 pairs of shorts I rotate. It's mostly worn when I'm running errands and around the house, but I've also worn this combo to a birthday party and dinner with friends.

shirt: Target (similar) // shorts: Loft // flip flops: YellowBox

By the way, is it cool that I included Maggie in my outfit photos? I mean, if you saw me in person, you wouldn't see me standing there without her, right? Right.

Do you have mom style tips? What are your favorite/go-to articles of clothing?



  1. Found you through Pleated Poppy - congrats on your beautiful baby! You are rocking that maxi skirt look, love it!

    If you want to stop by A Life From Scratch today - I am giving away a $50 Crewcuts (J Crew!) gift card to one lucky winner who links up with us. Would love to see you and your little one there! :)

  2. Very cute outfits! I was a big yoga pants fan for about the first six months postpartum. You look more put together than I did!

  3. Love this look and would love if you would share it at my linkup that begins tomorrow at 8am

  4. I lived in maxi dresses that could easily be pulled aside too! Great tips!


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