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Friday, August 9, 2013

One day...

One day I will not have to reheat my coffee, but until then I will think of my own mother's cup of coffee that I'd find in the microwave.

One day I will not dream about cloth diapering.

One day I'll have a schedule again. For now, my schedule is Maggie's schedule and that's just fine.

One day I'll wash my hair more than twice a week and style it in something other than a ponytail.

One day I will catch up on thank you notes.

One day I'll cook dinner again, but for now we'll continue to enjoy the meals friends bring and those I prepared and froze in June.

One day I will have time to read other's blogs or even a book.

One day I'll be tired of streaming TV shows from Netflix like Army Wives and Flashpoint (both of which can be highly emotional shows for a new mom...and yet I keep watching).

One day I will be able to paint my nails in on sitting, but until then I'll do one hand/foot and then the other a few hours later.

Post idea inspired by Katie, another new mom.


  1. love this, beth! and love your heart! so wait, are you saying you guys ARE cloth diapering or you just dream about it?

  2. Know these feelings alllll too well!

  3. One day all these things will be true...and then you'll have another baby and be back to square one again! ;)


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