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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

my 3 rules of maternity style

If you've been around for long, you know I'm no fashion blogger, but I do love to get a good bargain on clothing and to look my best. While I was pregnant, I documented a good number of my maternity outfits with updates on the blog, but I thought it would be fun to put together a collage of several outfits.

Looking back on the things I wore during my pregnancy, I realized there were a few common elements, or rules of maternity style. I was on a limited budget and bought a few maternity staples, about half of which came from consignment or thrift stores. I also borrowed a good amount of maternity clothes from friends.

My rules for dressing the bump:
  • Layer. I was almost always warm, but by dressing in layers, I could adjust for temperature changes (which was especially helpful when the AC was cranked too high in the office and it would be scorching outside as I walked to my car). Also, by adding a cardigan or blazer I could make my pre-pregnancy wardrobe keep working for me.
  • Size up. Rather than buying only maternity clothes, I bought several tops from thrift stores a size larger than I wore pre-pregnancy. They have been great post pregnancy too, as I've been able to keep wearing them.
  • Belt it. Adding a belt above the belly accentuated the bump and made a lot of non-maternity shirts and dresses look finished. The belt worked particularly well with shirts that were a size larger. Plus, I can still wear the belts post-baby. 

Do you have any "rules" for maternity style that worked for you?


  1. for me it was cardigans and belts! cardigans and belts!! loved all your looks!

  2. I'm just learning to size up!!! That way I will actually be able to wear these things the whole way through!!!


  3. I did a lot of sizing up as well, it just worked better for my frame. At the end, it was elastic around the waist only, not buttons or half panels, I couldn't deal with it! :)


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