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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Maggie and Milton

A friend of mine asked me recently how Milton (our dog) likes Maggie. I told her how Milton has really taken to her and is quite protective around her. He loves to sniff her and often comes in the nursery while I'm feeding her and sits at my feet. I've taken a few cute Instagram photos when he's come in.

She then asked what Maggie thought of Milton and I had to be honest: I don't think she's noticed him yet. When he sniffs or gets in an occasional lick, she doesn't cry or even whimper. It's like she doesn't even know he's there.

I'm pretty sure this will all change in a matter of months and they'll become good friends. And when she's older, I think she'll appreciate these photos a friend took of the three of us with Milton the first week she was home. Oh, and don't mind my somewhat exposed belly in most of the shots. Maggie was only a week old the day these were taken and as Duchess Kate has recently reminded us it's okay to have a belly after you give birth ;-)

Can you guess which photo is my favorite?


  1. SO cute! i am hoping that's how our dogs are going to be!

  2. LOVE the one where she is being licked. Priceless. You have a beautiful beautiful family. xox

  3. I totally LOVE this candid, real-life post! :)

  4. awe, how sweet!! and i love that they both have M names. i'm very curious to see how Maggs will react to a baby, i know he will be very curious. fun to see your personality in these photos :)


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