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Thursday, July 18, 2013

the first week of mommyhood

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably caught some cute baby pictures lately, along with some food highlights and our adventures.

Maggie is settling right into life with near-constant supervision from Milton, our Whippet/Jack Russell mix. He's been protective and loves to check up on her.

She's accompanied us for froyo, been to Ikea and already loves the Red Sox. We survived the first bath and filed her nails.

So far her favorite place seems to be the changing table. Every time we put her on it, she gets very calm (not that she gets too worked up to begin with).

The first week with Maggie went by so fast. Our first trip out of the house as a family of three was to get frozen yogurt. Maggie didn't like being in the Baby Born after about 10 minutes, so we will practice baby wearing at home in small bits to get her warmed up to it.

I spend a lot of time in the nursery, which I love and can't wait to finish decorating. We bought some fun girly accents I can't wait to get put in place. I just need to find the time between feedings ;-)


  1. There is something about the changing table. Both of our kids LOVED it.

  2. I feel like fro yo is a great first family outing!

    I love the pic of her one your sweet!

  3. awww yay!! congratulations on making it through the first week. you are doing great, mama!!

  4. Congrats mama! Look like you guys are doing fabulous, so happy for you!

  5. yay! it looks like you are all adjusting so well! i can't wait to hear more-- I want to know what her little personality is like.

    also, can i say babies and dogs are my favorite? i love that milton is protective of her :)

  6. It looks like a perfect first week! She looks so sweet.

  7. Beth, she is so sweet! I love the little details like getting yogurt as a family and how Maggie likes her changing table :)


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