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Monday, July 1, 2013

one of our last Friday evenings

I wonder if we'll remember how we spent one of our last Friday nights before we had kids. Brandon was off for the day and I already started my leave, so we enjoyed a trip to Ikea, watched Man of Steel in the theater, ate dinner out and then returned in hopes of capturing some maternity photos.

We went back to the same park (just before dusk) where we had failed to get maternity photos earlier that day. Brandon took all the photos (or set his camera to take them). We hadn't been planning it for long, but I'm sure glad we took the time on the first day of summer to take some photos as a couple before our little one arrives.

I loved the idea of standing on a path, as we'd done in some of our wedding photos and the lighting just before sundown proved perfect. (I'm thankful you can't see the mosquitos in any of the photos).

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    1. love, Love, lOve, loVe, lovE, LOVE! :)

    2. aww, so sweet!! can't believe it's almost time!

    3. I wrote a nice long comment and I am not sure where it went (this has been happening to me a lot lately so I have been re-checking later). Love these photos! and I love that you are very intentional about your last few weeks before baby arrives. my husband and I did the same thing (I wonder if I blogged about it because I don't really remember what we did?!) I can't wait for your little to arrive. You are going to be a great mama!


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