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Sunday, July 7, 2013

40 weeks

We've officially passed the due date and anxiously anticipating looking at Baby G's face. On Friday, we took a few photos to complete the weekly photo taking...I'll try to post a week by week recap of the (still growing bump) in the near future.

I wanted to get a photo showing the due date. I got the idea for using my phone to show the date from my blog friend, Karen.

A current pregnancy update:
  • How far along: 40 weeks, 2 days
  • How big is the baby: pumpkin (19-22 in., 6-9lbs) *my doctor has assured me the baby will be at least 8 lbs.
  • How I'm feeling: I am ready! My body is reminding me with nearly every movement.
  • Sleeping: I wake up more and more frequently. I cannot wait to wakeup to feed the baby, rather than run to the bathroom.  
  • Food cravings: I went through a phase of eating cookie dough for one several nights in a row last week, but I'm back on track with fruit this week :)
  • Food aversions: None. 
  • Doctor's appointment: I am having them weekly and according to my doctor, I am progressing (though just not as quickly as I'd like). We're hopeful the baby comes before they start talking about an induction!
  • Movement: There is no stopping this little one. Most of the time I love watching my belly jump, though it's gotten increasingly uncomfortable as the baby has grown. I'm pretty sure baby takes after me with long arms and legs. 
  • What I'm looking forward to: Holding the wee one!
  • What I did / got for baby: I seem to notice something else that needs to be washed almost daily, so I've done a good amount of laundry. The Mr. put together the stroller attachment to see how the carseat works with it. We have just about every baby item we own assembled and ready to go!
  • What I'm wearing: I feel like I wear the same thing every day: shorts and a tank top. I try to mix it up, especially when I'm leaving the house. And I keep hoping it's the last time I wear each article of clothing...
  • What I learned this week: Babies don't make tears when they cry until they're about a month old because their tear ducts aren't fully developed yet. Thank you, What to Expect app.
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    1. Aw, so sorry you haven't met baby yet! The end can be so frustrating. Induction isn't so bad- Gus didn't want to make an appearance so we went ahead with it. It's usually a two-step process but I only needed one. I guess Gus just needed a little kick-start. The same thing happened to my BFF who just had a baby, too. Hang in there and just try to go with the flow!

    2. Any day now!! So excited for you :).

    3. Cute idea for a photo! Your little one will be here before you know it!

    4. It's brutal going over your date but baby will be here soon!!! Can't wait to see your little one!


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