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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Explaining where I'm from

I used to dread the question, "where are you from?" My answer was complicated. I had no idea what it meant to grow up in one place. Even Facebook asks my hometown and I don't know what to fill-in (it's blank).

My dad was in the Air Force, so that left me with a somewhat different sense of home. Although we were never stationed overseas, by the time I was 13 I had lived in five states. I knew virtually nothing about the state that was on my birth certificate: Florida.

To further complicate things, I married a guy from Tennessee ;-)

As an adult, I have reconciled myself to be from two places, the states I have lived in the most: Colorado and Massachusetts. I lived in Colorado for a total of 12 years (twice as a child and also while in college and grad school). I've lived in Massachusetts for 10 years (five years as an adolescent and five years as an adult). Hopefully this explains why our soon to be born child has clothing and toys from more than just where s/he will be born.

Colorado Springs feels like home because:
  • I started elementary school there
  • I can point out parks where I played soccer and spent time with Girl Scouts
  • I worked there in the summers while I was in college
  • We said goodbye to my mom when she passed away
  • I've also lived in Greeley

Massachusetts feels like home because:
  • I have great memories of exploring and learning the city with my parents and brother
  • The Red Sox were the first baseball team I followed
  • I met my husband and fell in love there
  • We bought our first home and will have our first child in MA
  • I've lived in Acton, Somerville, Brockton and Boston

A few things I love about where we currently live:
  • The plethora of family owned ice cream stands
  • The old, historic feel of the university where I work and the city of Boston
  • The many good ethnic restaurants nearby
  • Being less than a day's drive from relatives in Northern Virginia/DC

I've also lived in Catonsville, MD, Rome, NY, West Lafayette, IN, and Fort Walton Beach, FL.

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  1. I love love love Boston. We lived in Allston last year and I never wanted to leave. Oh and Brookline, my FAVORITE. Otto pizza, the Booksmith and paper source, all of my favorite things!

  2. I haven't lived in that many places, but I can definitely feel where you're coming from. I've lived in Iowa my whole life, but lived in 4 different towns growing up, went to two different high schools. My hubby lived in the same town his whole life...has buddies from daycare. I hardly have friends from high school.

  3. It's great that you have so many places you have loved. But I see why it would be hard to say "where you're from".

  4. my husband's dad was in the air force and has a very similar background (the longest for him was Germany, SC and TX). Do you enjoy having roots in Boston or do you get the itch to move? Minnesota is the longest place he's ever lived! Going on 6 years..

  5. I'm excited to visit Boston for the first time next month when I visit Lindsay from Hello Hue! Have you connected with her, yet? She's new to your town!


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