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Friday, May 31, 2013

what I'm into {May}

what I'm reading:
+ Baby Catcher, a well-written story of one woman's journey as a midwife
+ Birthing from Within, yet another childbirth book. I just can't help myself.
Maybe I should clarify, by "reading" I mean I'm carrying them around and reading a chapter here and there...anyone else have this problem when it comes to reading?

TV show worth watching:
We started Call the Midwife and have been very slowly working our way through the six episodes on Netflix.

movie that I've seen:
I've watched What to Expect When You're Expecting twice in the last month. The first time was by myself while the Mister was working and then I suggested he watch it with me one night last week. He was a good sport, it's not really a guy's movie, but I think he appreciated the dads in the movie. (oh my,  I need to stop reading and watching all things pregnancy)

in my kitchen:
+ fruit (I have loved having fresh berries and cantaloupe lately)
+ cocoa almond butter (photo 2)
+ Silk mocha latte
+ ice cream (and I recently made these chocolate ice cream bites)
+ new reusable napkins made by a friend (photo 3)
+ Method almond wood cleaner (photo 7)

in my ears:
+ I'm starting Team of Rivals on audiobook (anyone else surprised it's a non-pregnancy book?)
+ I've also been listening to my favorite radio station online, KBCO

items of note:
+ My co-workers had a baby shower for me last week (photos 4 and 5). Don't you love the baby made from cantaloupe and sweet cupcakes?
+ We picked up a rocking chair for the baby's room last weekend (photo 8)
+ I joined the iPhone club earlier this month and I've been loving the simplicity of it. One of my favorite features is how the photos I take synch with my Macbook's like magic!
+ I enjoyed some one on one time with girlfriends and even had a fancy decaf latte (photo 9)

what I'm looking forward to:
+ Baby showers! I have three coming up in the next two weeks and I'm excited to see family and friends to celebrate this little one.
+ A road trip with my honey...our last one before baby arrives
+ Taking on a few DIY projects once I start maternity leave

And because it's the end of the month, I have two reminders for ya!

Don't forget to get your The List blog post ready for next Friday to link up with Erika and me! There just might be a giveaway for those who linkup ;-)

There are still ad spots available for June. I have some fun things planned and would love to promote your business or blog along the way!


  1. Wait...cocoa almond butter?? What?!?! Where did you find that?

  2. I am reading through Team of Rivals for the second time-with my kids. It is a great book about a great man. Enjoy.

  3. other things you're into-- resting your drink on your cute belly! ;)

    happy may and here's to soaking up june!


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