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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Walking the dog

I walk my dog, Milton, almost daily (except when it's raining and he refuses to go out). It usually seems like a pretty mundane task and lately it's felt like an extra effort to get out the door with him. Even though the weather has been lovely, I've felt tired and wanted to nap instead when I get home from work.

Earlier this week, while walking the dog, I found myself getting very frustrated with him. I had had a trying day at work and was admittedly irritable. As we walked, he didn't want to stay on the sidewalk; he tramped right through a bunch of plants when I looked away. I jerked on his leash to get him back on the sidewalk.

Less than a block later, he paused and wanted to keep sniffing the same spot. I could feel my annoyance bubbling up and I firmly said, "Milton, let's go."

Following these moments of frustration, I was convicted by my strong reaction. I felt guilty for being so harsh with him (even though I had by no means created a scene). It reminded me of how gracious God is toward us and how He doesn't give a quick jerk of the leash to keep us in line.

Yet we often wander into places where we shouldn't and then linger.

Just the other night, I was watching a television show and considered turning it off because I knew it wasn't honoring to God. Instead, I followed my nose (like Milton) and continued to watch this show that gloried sex and violence. I chalked it up to being adult TV.

At work, I walked where I shouldn't have, by getting caught up in trash talking a co-worker. It may have started out expressing my disappointment in this person's performance and not meeting expectations to a colleague. But after taking a step back, I see how it makes me expect less of that person because they have disappointed me in the past.


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