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Friday, May 17, 2013

StitchFix: The second time around

Over six months ago, I tried out StitchFix for the first time (for more on my 1st fix). It's a fun and innovative concept. Complete a profile sharing what kind of clothes you like to wear, choose a date you want to receive 5 items (clothing and accessories) and then await your package.

Once the box arrives, you have three business days to try on the clothes and decide what you want to keep. A $25 styling fee is applied to your order and you get 25% off if you keep all five pieces.

I had read from other bloggers that they had success ordering while pregnant, so I thought I'd give it a try. I updated my profile and made sure to note I was looking for pieces I could wear in my last months of pregnancy and postpartum also. I specifically asked for longer, loose fitting tops.

When I opened the box, I was quite pleased with what I found.

After trying on all five pieces I kept...

I loved this top for several reasons.
  • flattering color and pattern
  • it fits nicely over my growing baby belly
  • flattering fit
  • it can be worn with a belt (as shown) and without

...and I also loved the shoes I wore with it, so had to get a photo (since our yard is a jungle...yes, those are dandelions).

I look forward to wearing this top all summer long. Sign up for StitchFix and find out for yourself!


  1. Super cute!! And those shoes are darling too.

  2. that top is GORGEOUS on you! I love the color! I feel like you could wear it afterwards too and just keep belting it. :)

  3. Pretty! I've just recently heard about this service...seems like a neat idea!


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