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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

spring mantle

I haven't been one for decorating or redecorating much lately. I'm excited to put the baby's room together, so I guess I've been conserving my creativity for that.

Sometime in April, I finally took down the winter mantle decor and gave it a little update. The colors are pretty neutral, but I kind of like the absence of color and sticking with greens, whites and browns.

Everything I used was already in our home:

  • I've been collecting bottles for years (the oldest is from a trip to Italy nine years ago) and have blogged about them several times before (repurposing jars and bottles and twine wrapped wine bottles). 
  • The maps were both purchased on eBay years ago and they represent our home states.
  • The windows were from our kitchen and we replaced them when we moved into the house two years ago. 
  • I picked up the star plate from Pottery Barn Outlet years ago.
  • The lantern is from Ikea.
What are your favorite things to decorate your home with?

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE that the windows are from your home! Also, I spy a growler. You should see our basement-- it's filled with growlers. ha.

    Also, I wish my house had a mantle, but we have no fireplace! I'm not sure why, in 1942, they decided not to add one.


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