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Monday, May 6, 2013

a Boston story

Last week, I had to honor of accompanying a student mentee downtown for a ceremony where she was honored at the State House. Prior to the event, I had some time to wander across the Boston Common and Public Garden and up Beacon Hill.

The mister used to work in that part of the city. We had our engagement pictures taken nearby and I just love that part of Boston. I couldn't help but take some photos with my phone camera. It was a stunning spring day.

I used to say that autumn is my favorite season, but spring is a close second, especially following a long winter as we had this year. I guess I just love the changing seasons. Spring is special with its blossoming flowers and budding trees.

The warmth is so welcome after to months of bundling up under layers. I was just wearing my winter coat a few weeks ago and that's not uncommon for the Northeast US.

Is it crazy that a walk through the city I love on a perfect spring day can make me emotional? Perhaps, it came from being my first time downtown since the Marathon Bombings or maybe it was being 30 weeks pregnant or just being in a city I've loved for decades.

When I was in middle school, my family moved to a suburb northwest of Boston. I remember family trips into to the city fondly. We attended many iconic Boston events over the years: 4th of July at the Hatch Shell, the Boston Marathon, saw the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall, watched the Bruins and Celtics play at the Boston Garden, visited museums and walked the Freedom Trail.

Fast-forward to 2004, I was living in Colorado with my dad and brother while in grad school. We faithfully watch the Red Sox and had suffered only ten years of Red Sox fandom before cheering them on to win the World Series. A year later, I moved to Baltimore and found myself making the drive for a weekend to see high school friends living in Boston.

By January 2008, I felt a nudge to job search in Boston. I had over two years experience in higher education and since Boston is filled with colleges and universities, it seemed a logical fit. By May, I had plans to move to the area and signed a lease with friends that started in August. I had interviews in the works; I was ready to make the city my home.

I only applied to one non urban institution in six months of job searching and it was the job I ended up taking (and where I still work almost five years later). Even though I didn't get my dream of working in Boston, I was affirmed over and over again I was meant to be back in Massachusetts.

My new job gave me more responsibility and autonomy than ever before. I got plugged into a fantastic community of friends, a great church and in December 2008, I started dating the man I would marry (you can read our love story). Boston will always hold a special place in my heart.

Is there a city that holds a special place in your heart?


  1. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing such a positive perspective of the city! Much needed :)

  2. so beautiful! I really want to visit Boston someday. :)

  3. boston is on my list, as you know it is. hoping the husband's work takes him there and i can tag along.

    you know the other city that firmly has my heart.

  4. so fun to get more background on you and boston :) it is a really great city, i hope to visit again one day. also i didn't realize you had your Masters - good for you!

  5. Beautiful photos! I would love to visit Boston some day. Cincinnati holds a special place in my heart since I went to grad school there. I think we are going back for a visit this summer!


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