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Monday, April 22, 2013

I call this pre-nesting

I've been on a quest for simplifying lately. From approaching my blog differently to washing my hair only twice a week, I'm cutting back. I am giving myself room myself to not do it all.

Our days still feel full. We have too many commitments and we're working to cut back as a couple, but in the immediate future, we're guarding our unscheduled time like never before. Part of it is in anticipation of Baby G and part of it comes from feeling plain worn out.

l-r: Starbucks date with the mister, rainbow while we were in Tennessee, and our niece and her puppy
When we traveled to TN last week, it took me days to recover. I just couldn't shake the feeling of wanting to lie down and go to sleep. I know that may have something to do with growing a little one inside me, but I am trying hard to listen to my body more than ever; to put my feet up when my ankles swell or linger over dinner with my husband instead of rushing on to the next thing.

We have been rearranging several spaces, from the kitchen to our bedroom and purging things we don't need/use. A friend asked me if I had started nesting and I'm pretty sure I'm in the pre-nesting phase. I want to nest, but I'm just not there yet. We decided to make an effort to get a few spaces more organized, like our bedroom and we'll turn our attention to baby preparations come mid-May and June.

I've recently tried to cut back in a few areas. I've considered deleting Facebook, but have yet to do so. Can you keep a Facebook page without having a personal Facebook account? Maybe I'll just purge some friends (ouch, that sounds awful), but there are so many people I'm friends with on there that are not really friends.

Momma friends, do you have any advice on things to cut back on? I'm sure some things will just not be a priority any more once motherhood is in full gear.

Until then, I'm preparing my heart and body as I try to rest up for the adventure that is ahead!


  1. I am on that same quest (to simplify). hae gotten rid of a lot and will likely get rid of so mich more. i'm hoping to love more simply when we move to Portland. we will start out in a even smaller space then we are in now and I think I'm actually ok with that ( could not have said that a year ago). I think it's great that your preparing in these ways! I'm sure you will figure out what needs to go/move down the priority list once you become a momma.

  2. I think what you do is good... I think as people, as Christians, we are all SO busy and I especially have such a hard time saying no to things. I am really looking forward to this summer where I am going to try and be really selfish with my time.

    as far as organization, i really really want to purge more but just haven't had time... and it's not exactly something you want to on a weekend!


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